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Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens at our First Session?

We tend to spend the first session getting to know each other a bit as it is important for therapy to feel that you have a connection with your therapist and that you will be able to be honest about your issues. We will identify the current issues that you are wanting help with and establish some goals for therapy. Whilst CBT is based in the present and moving forward our past does necessarily inform the present and we will therefore have a think about your past and how that has influenced the current situation during some of our early sessions. We may complete some brief questionnaires in order for us to be able to have an objective measure of improvements during therapy.

How Long is a Session?

A therapy session is usually about 50 minutes. Therapy can continue for as long as it feels it is being effective and you are continuing to work towards your goals I generally suggest a minimum of 6 - 8 sessions to enable the establishment of an effective therapeutic relationship and some progress towards your goals.

What about Confidentiality?

What we discuss is confidential between the 2 of us. I can share information with your consultant or GP if you feel this will be helpful. I will discuss sharing information with another health professional if there are signs that you may be a danger to yourself or others. I will never do this without having discussed it with you first.

What do you charge and how do I pay?

If you are covered by AXA PPP, Aviva, WEA or Cigna you just need to obtain an authorisation code from them and I will invoice them directly. If you are not covered by private health insurance I charge a discounted rate of £70 per session. You can pay this at the end of the session via BACS, cash or cheque.

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